Monday, August 15, 2011


You do as the Amsterdammers do...
Of course - how could the Amsterdam experience be complete without an evening spent in one of the coffee shops. Really the Amsterdam cafes serve alot more than just coffee. After an entire day of museuming that included the Vangogh Museum, the Rijksmuseum- with amazing traditional Dutch Art, the De Nieuwe Kirk- which had a fantastic World Photo exhibit , the Foam Museum- strange but housed in a canal home which was a treat to explore, Irene and I dragged our tired legs to a cafe off the street of Leidsestraat.
Here are some images of the street. Some really cool shops- clothing, coffee, the Amsterdam Shoe, as strange food store, a fruit store with Thai fruits that I love, a Starbucks- yes I know its almost exotic and a very cute post card shop.
the coolest door knob- like from Labyrinth
the Amsterdam shoe store
All sizes
The cute little object store
Paraplu- Im the purple one. 
We finally decided to rest our tired legs. Walked into a cafe, purchased a 14 Euro ball of Marijuana, where Irene proceeded to roll a joint. A first one for her and me in many many years (not sure how uncool or cool I sound here). The bartender was mighty impressed with her thin, long joint rolling skills. I was just happy to be there - to share this evening with her.
The chandelier above us
Our stash
Rolling tightly

The lovely matchbox
Long thin and elegant

I was thrilled to know that you could smoke your joint and walk around outside. We did just that.  We walked around high, happy, giggly. The colors enhanced or maybe they always are. I did not feel as tizzy as Irene did but I did feel very spirited, happy, a bit numb the realization that it was my last evening with my dear friend. It was almost dark- a day well spent in Amsterdam. Tomorrow I fly to Berlin to fly to Zurich. I just wanted to soak it all.
Beautiful canal home
Crazy diva snails
Lego head
Beautiful signage
Exquisite detail in the glass window.
Not sure what it says- lovely fly motif brand
Strange fantastic graffiti
The sweet little cafe
The lovely Irene. I miss you much.

Found the cafe where Irene's brother Philip and his friend Coen were hanging at. It was a nice streetside cafe with cheap beer. It was my last evening with Irene. God knows when I will see her again. A simple gesture on my part led to a lifetime of friendship. I hope to see her soon maybe in India or some other part of the world.

There is another little place I discovered - again thanks to Irene. Its a little postcard shop on Leidsestraat. I picked some really lovely postcards and conversed shortly with the guy behind the counter. A little exchange on the blog and I think I have ended up making one of the sweetest pen friends ever. He too writes a fantastic blog called He Died For My Grins on religious specifically Christian imagery and I am stunned with the amount of 'material' there is on the web. But then again- I should not be. Actually the blog is quite hilarious and will cause involuntary giggles. Thanks Lucas for writing in..
Postcards that are more like a momento.