Monday, August 1, 2011

Aloo Tikkis for the Mumbai Food Blogger's Potluck

This has been the craziest week at work. Despite a trip to Pune that was spent holed up in a windowless conference room with stale sandwiches and bad coffee and did I mention a barking client. Yes. Such can be life. The remainder of the week involved spending every other night in the office working till 4 am almost. Friday night took the cake. As I worked through the night, I saw people post pictures of the Coke Studio performance at the hard Rock Cafe. FML!. No wait I dont have a life, I was in the office still with a thunderstorm outside. At 4 am I left- no cabs, no Meru, no Easy. I walked to the highway hoping a miracle would happen when I saw a BEST bus hurtling towards me. It came to screeching stop drenching me with a big splash of water. I got on and it continued to hurtle to wards Mulund. Lets just say, getting a ricksha at Mulund was another ordeal but all said and done I found myself under the dry, warm cosy covers of my bed by 6am. So when i woke up finally at 1pm feeling like I had been hit by a brick, I decided I will go for the Mumbai Food Potluck but I will not attempt something too fancy (initial plan) but make something tried, tested and definitely delicious. I also wanted to make something vegan, a concept I was aware of for many years but truly appreciated it over lunch with Sunshine Mom.
So I went for something traditional and that always been a hit. Well I asked mom if she would help me make her famous Aloo Tikkis. Mom is from Agra and let me tell you- the best North Indian street chaat is from Agra. Dilli wallas might argue but Im willing to bet on it. 
So here they are - Mom's wonderful Aloo tikki. I decided to make a onion tomato green chili kachumber with it, green cilantro chutney and a spicy peanut chutney. My mouth is salivating just writing these words. I wonder whats happening to you?
For the tikki (patty)
Boiled potatoes (we did 2 kgs)
Red Chili powder
3 slices of day old bread

For the stuffing:
Green Chilies
Masala- dhaniya powder, chili powder, amchur, 
Papas Magic Masala.
Some oil traditionally made in ghee I went with an olive oil (vegan remember)
And a big smile :).

The stuffing
Mash the Potatoes

Use a rolling pin to mash the peas and corn.

Pepper overlooking dadi mashing the potatoes. He always supervises in the kithen. After all he is the expert cook.
Add a generous amount of chili powder and salt to the potatoes
Wet the bread in water and mash it and add it to the potatoes. This makes a great binder.
Add all the masala to the stuffing including Papa's Magic Masala
Mix the potatoes well, it should be of a very smooth consistency.
Make a small shallow cup like shape with the potatoes
Spoon the filling in.
Carefully fold the edges over
Flatten, there should be no hint of the stuffing outside.
On a shallow pan with little Olive Oil and a very low heat start to cook the tikkis
Filp once one side is a nice brown. This will take a good 20 min one each side with low heat.
The tikkis are ready.

The skin is crispy on the outside, gooey mashed potato and finally the stuffing of peas and corn and ginger gives the perfect kick to these tikkis. Its hard to stop eating them when you start. Cant stop at just one.
of course these go beautifully with freshly made dhaniya (cilantro), chutney. A quick blend of cilantro, ginger, lots of green chilies, salt and red chili powder. Blend and squeeze an entire lemon into it. you can add mint to add an element of coolness.

For the incredible peanut chutney. I got this recipe from my cool & talented intern at work. Thanks Shravi.
Green chilies

Saute the green chiles and garlic. In the same pan saute the peanuts. Stir continuously. 
Take the mix and pound in a mortar and pestle or on the stone or in a blender till almost smooth but grainy. Add some cilantro for a fresh green flavor. Delicious.


  1. i love peas :) was a great dish to start my evening with at the pot luck. tks

  2. Wow! I love the action in all the pics! Best is the last one of the peanuts chutney being ground. I missed this one for sure. Going to try this recipe when Harsha gets better! I usually use chane ki dal for stuffing. Will try peas next time. Though I wasn't able to taste, I very much appreciate that you cooked this with me in mind! Thank you so much, Jyotika and to your Mom too!!

  3. Bless you my child - these pictures are holy !!!!! Please tell your mom that it will be an unsaid rule that you all would make this when i come over...

  4. Yum! The more I read of the potluck I missed, the sadder I get. Saving grace, you're in Thane. :)

  5. This looks delectable. Love these spicy Indian chats. Missed the potluck and meeting you again! Hope to meet you some time soon.

  6. Hey thank you. It was super to photo mom make this recipe. I feel like I want to document everything she cooks. I also know one item I will make when you all come for lunch/dinner.

  7. bitchlet. freeze and send me over some?

    but yeah, these take me back to cept, independence eve, rock shows, the plaza, singing the anthem to a guitar - candle in hand! henna tattoos, anjalika's flea market. haha. we were so enthu back then! nice no - when you can tie food to distinct memories.

    actually, i think our whole class can tie these tikkis to independence eve rock concerts on campus. haha.

    my papy makes these with the chana dal inside. needless to say, all versions are sex in heaven.

  8. Lovely photos. I feel like having them again. Right now! Such torture I tell you, going through all the photos and blogposts again and not being able to taste all the food. Sigh

  9. Fantastic pictures......So an open invitation to all those who want to enjoy our aloo tikkies.......Even Pepper is looking forward to a great dinner.......He loves to be in our food factory.......The other chutney with peanuts, green chillies and garlic was amazing.......The combination of all this was a perfect rainy day bite..........

  10. Zazu - this post is making me soooooooooo homesick! Today in Salt Lake it is raining cats and dogs outside. Im *almost* home in Bombay with you guys. I think maybe if I make these alu tikkis today - I wont miss you guys so much.

  11. Awesome.. i am trying this tomorrow itself!! Is there a substitute for Papa's magic masala? what is it? i dont know if can find something else in US.. Love

  12. Loved the tikkis and the peanut chutney in particular!

    Is that glass jar a part of the Osteriser Mixie? I have one and I luuuurve it! Mine is more than 40 years old and still works like a dream :)

  13. the colors, the smell, the hands and mostly Pepper watching by! this is looking so delish! i have to try those tikkis!

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  15. Amazing photos, Jo. A real treat for the senses. Making home cooked food is always the best recovery plan after an all nighter!

  16. I am so delighted to read everybody's wonderful comments.....all of you and especially Jyo makes me feel so very special.......Love you all. Once again, you all are most welcome to eat these tikkies at my place.....

  17. PHOTOS! i need to actually make one of your recipes soon :D

  18. You have some lovely recipes in your collection! Excellent images!