Friday, February 19, 2010

Not so successful spinach pies, but inspiring indovator

As my uncle would say "Nothing to write home about", even worse had to throw them away. So why blog about it. After all no one needs to know that disasters can happen to me, right. But I don't want to blame myself for it entirely after all no one told me that the Puff Pastry in the refrigerator (not freezer) was over a year old. Yes after I baked it I tasted what "rancid" really means. The butter and oil was rancid. But I did attempt to make a delicious filling with sauted onions, green chilies, garlic and spinach topped with some fresh feta cheese and delicious olives. I just did not know the pastry dough was bad or else I would have had amazingly gourmet home made spinach puff pies inspired by the fabulous recipe on smitten kitchen. I mean check those babies out. I know that recipe is Phylo and I was cheating with Puff pastry. But what the hell- no one told me that the dough had been sitting there for over a year. Dammit! Done ranting.

On a much brighter note... actually a much more inspiring note see the latest addition to my friend Shagun Singh's blog/ vlog 
The woman in the video is the incredibly intelligent Lina Srivastava whom I met through Shagun . She is extremely articulate and has  amazing insight on what social design could be, should be in India. (I also retweeted this link- my first retweet ever).

Discovered a new food blog with amazing pictures and was glad to hear that Ms. Humble Pies' biggest problem was photographing and presenting her food. Not so humble pie already has 42 entries for 2010. Has it been 42 days in the year already! Wow- that means we are left with only 323 days in the year or something like that. Yikes!

Yea so luckily I did not use all the spinach filling. Probably will eat them with eggs for breakfast tomorrow...


  1. The filling is the best party anyway! Spanakopita is one of my favorite dishes. There's a bunch of good recipes for it here:

  2. I know right. I made turkey sausage and spinach wraps for lunch today. They were Yum