Saturday, August 11, 2012

One stop meal- A Chicken Frankie

Don't you love compact meals all packed in one yummy roll. I am a huge fan of shwermas, falafel, kathi rolls, rolli-polis in a paratha and ofcourse THE FRANKIE. A Bombay invention, anyone who grew up in Bombay would have at some point eaten a Tibb's Frankie. It'S simple, fast and easy to carry street food and frankly speaking I love the simplicity of everything wrapped in one meal.

So here it is:


For the Wrap:
1 cup regular flour
1 cup wheat flour
1tbsp oil
water to knead
1 tspn salt

For the filling:
1 Sliced onions
5-6 cloves garlic minced
handful of ginger minced
3-4 green chillies sliced lengthwise
1 green bellpepper thinly sliced
1 box of mushrooms (approx 10 numbers)
1 corn off the cob
sliced chicken kababs. I used Yummiez by Godrej. You can order or make them at home
1 egg per frankie roll
1 dash of milk
Mixed masala according to taste (I always use Papa's Magic Masala)
1 lemon
Siriacha sauce

1. Mix the ingredients for the wrap and prepare teh dough. Cover with a damp cloth and let sit for 10 minutes. 
2. Roll into chapattis or rotis and on a low heat cook the rotis on the tawa or flat pan till small bumps of air show on the surface. 
3. Store in a dry place. 

Prep all the veggies. And roll the dough for the wraps. Follow the steps mentioned above for the wraps.

 Shave the corn off the cob for fresh and crunchy bites.
 Saute the garlic, ginger, chilies and onions. Add some herbs, spices such as Papa's Magic Masala mix or chat masala. Add the corn and mushrooms.
 Slice the precooked chicken kababs by Yummiez. This saves time for sure. For a working woman like me this is a relief. These kababs are very tasty on their own and can be had with fresh corriander chutney. You can  go all out and make kababs from scratch. But nothing beats the comfort of a quick cooked meal.
 Pour the egg mix of egg, milk and spices on the tawa and make an omelet. As the omelet is cooking plaee the roti on the egg. The half cooked eggs omelet sticks to the roti. Cook on a low heat.
 Flip over and serve on a plate. This is what it should look like.
Sprinkle some grated cheese and pour some hot sauce. Here I have used my favourite Siriacha sauce. You can apply coriander chutney as well.

Pile high with the sauteed veggies and pieces of the chicken kababs. Squeeze a dash of lemon and roll and eat.  This is such a good rainy day meal. It takes care of all the deep fried cravings and it is really healthy. There can be so many variations to this dish. Add spinach, add cream in the corn, add potatoes instead of chicken. Will be also great with sausages, salami, bacon. Its unending. Various kinds of cheese, herbs. Just the basics can be the same and so much fun can be had with this meal. 

This was a fulfilling meal and flowed well together and all the ingredients rolled into one so well that  I felt it accompanied this piece of music perfectly. I discovered this redition of Adele's famous Rolling in the Deep last week on the internet. I am becoming a big fan of these Piano guys. Do hear this piece, it is beautiful.


  1. Zazoooo! Come to ny and cook me food!!!

  2. Can I be your third biggest fan?? Love the pictures of your food - everything looks delicious even to a picky eater like me!

  3. of course you can be. However you dont have the easy access you used to. :(. Miss you much.

  4. deliciously delicious.....

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