Sunday, May 8, 2011

Chinese Stir Fry- A little bit of what I feel.

A writer's block. No a blogger's block. Or maybe a blogging block. I am diligently collecting stories but no juice. None. Was I just disappointed in blogging.. Was I having an existential moment with this. What is the purpose of this? Was I just disillusioned?
So in typical Jyotika style I snapped my fingers and said enough. (And a little chat with my friend helped). We never let anything bring us down. We must tell the food stories. We must keep on marching.

These last few months have been very busy at work. And I have been channeling Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals. A revolutionary food show that got people back in the kitchen and stop take-out and eating out because of crazy work days. Rachel Ray always had a full meal- salad/ appetizer, main and a quick dessert. All in 30 minutes- "The amount of time it takes for you to watch this show, I will have a full meal ready from start to finish in 30 min." I love her shortcuts and her kitchen efficient tips.
I still follow them to organize my cooking.

So here is a healthy delicious Chinese Stir Fry with Egg Fried Rice.
It is so easy, hassle free and quick, you will want to make it all the time. Infact I have made it twice in a week. Each time with a slight variation of the previous. Mom is vegetarian so I went with Tofu (Soya Paneer) as my source of protein in the dish. But tofu can be easily replaced with chicken, prawns, beef, add a little bacon in the oil to get that bacony salty taste.
But for now we are going vegetarian. And trust me it was absolutely delicious. Its the kind of meal that is hearty, filling and yet so healthy you feel good after it and not heavy and miserable.

For the vegetable stir fry.
1 Onion Sliced
3-4 Green Chilies sliced
Minced ginger and garlic (lots)
2 Carrots peeled and sliced
1 Yellow bell pepper sliced
1 pack of Soya Paneer cubed. (can replace with chicken, prawns, beef, paneer - any protein you fancy)
Last time I added mushrooms and corn this time added sliced french beans for the crunch.
Soya Sauce

 In some olive oil stir the garlic, ginger and green chilies.
 Add the onions.
 Add the carrots, bell peppers and green beans. Adds such lovely color to the food.
 Add a generous splash of soya sauce.

 Stir and Fry. Add the tofu pieces.
 Let it cook till it looks done. Add salt and some pepper. So easy and only 15 minutes.

Now for the egg fried rice.
Boiled rice ( I used brown rice)
Some garlic minced
Some onions sliced
One egg for the scramble
Green chilies
Finely chopped cilantro

 Add some milk, salt and pepper to the egg and beat
 In a large frying pan. Add some oil and scramble the eggs.

 In the same pan stir fry the onions, garlic, chilies.
 Add the rice and stir. Add the scrambled egg. Sprinkle some more fresh Cilantro. its a wonder what a little cilantro can do.
 Serve together. Light, fresh, crunchy, warm.

Season with salt and pepper
A dash of Sriracha always does the magic. Is it really Chinese. I dont think so. or Maybe. The Soya Sauce does add the light Chinese flavour. Unlike what we are used, deep fried veggies, this is a much healthier option and so easy to make. Boil the rice while you prep. I try to keep a box of chopped onions, chilies, garlic and ginger so that my prep time reduces.
While cooking keep a garbage bowl (any large bowl to throw all the peels and trash as you work) on the counter- A GB- A girl's best friend. Its easy clean up after you cook.
Make the effort, to cook your meals and its a wonder what it does to your energy levels. For my waistline- I have still to see.


  1. Cheers to you powering through the bloggers/writers block :)

    And this is so awesome, so so so needed for my newly busy life that leaves me too tired to cook at the end of the day. Going to try this soon!

  2. simple recipe,lovely the red Chinese platter

  3. the last pic is spectacular. I love the simplicity of wok cooking. I don't use a garbage bowl but I use a newspaper instead.... guess i make a bigger mess

  4. hi!
    i just stumbled upon your blog..and i must say, all your recipes look so very delicious!
    looks like you truly are the rachel ray of allahbad :)
    will be trying the chinese stir fry tonight!

  5. hello and thank you guys.
    @Aparna-Appie- So sweet of you. I live in Mumbai, just originally from Allahabad. I like the title though- the Rachel Ray of Allahabad.

  6. Hey Zazu- I really like the way you ended this article. It's so cute! Seems that the writers block got chopped into little pieces along with the vegetables for the Chinese stir fry and got sauted away!

  7. Loved the colors!!! I m going to try this one today!!! :)

    Nice blog!

  8. Believe me it was so tasty. I never liked soya paneer earlier. Very delicious recipe..... Thanks for such a healthy dish.....

  9. YuummmmmmmmmmmY...with a head shake in sign of approval.

    great combination of paneer and soy.
    when will you make Lebanese/Indian? YALLA i can be your sou-chef

  10. appears the fact that writers obstruct obtained chopped into small pieces along using the veggies to the chinese language courses
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