Monday, July 8, 2013

The Crustacean Adventure- Washington D.C,

Washington D.C. is an exciting city for history and museum lovers. You can spend weeks in the Smithsonian, visit memorials and homes of presidents. We took a Segway tour of the main tourist points in the city. It was a really fun way to experience a city.

My cousin Rupal moved to D.C. a few years back. She proudly carries the food lover label as well. I asked her to take us to a not for tourist place for a meal. She recommended the D.C waterfront to eat crabs.

The D.C. Waterfront seemed like a place from the past. It reminded me of the various blues festivals I had attended when I lived in Chicago. It reminded me of my road trips through Tennessee and Kentucky and Louisiana. Even though there was no music, i could hear the rhythm and blues in my head. People were casually dressed for date night, buying crabs, oysters, lobsters, mussels, clams, crawfish. Fried catfish sandwiches. I could hear the harmonica, drums and sax in my head as we walked around the large plaza surrounded by the fresh catch of the day. Live crabs being sold by the dozens. $50 for 2.5 dozens of the large male blue crabs. Plates of fresh oyesters to shuck, one of the best ceviches I have ever eaten. We even bought some crawfish to try. The place was alive and vibrant.

Rupal guided us through the process of buying and eating the crabs. Christian & my sister and my cousin Neil were all new to the experience. We were all in seafood heaven. The men behind the counters were very sweet and helpful. I bought some Old Bay Seasoning - the local Baltimore masala that goes well with everything.

The thing that I really enjoyed was people watching. This place seemed most popular amongst the black folks. I find black fashion the most fun, evolved and experimental. Men in colourful suits, women in jumpers and mini dresses. Large frizzy hair, several braids in some. I always admire the confidence and the beauty of these people. Many folks were nice and let me take their pictures.

After a couple of hours, we had gone through 30 crabs, a dozen crawfish, a dozen oysters, a large box of ceviche with crackers and some 24 beers amongst the five of us. As we walked back to our car, there was a lady playing this really amazing song on her radio- Birds by Weeknd. That song was the song of the night for me. Do hear it out as you scroll through the pictures.



  1. such an awesome post! I want to visit!!

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  3. Such great memories. Im pleased to be part of one of your delicious food adventures. You didnt tell the story about how I wanted to sell one our beers for $100 to the poor desperate looking asian man :D ahah. Evil Evil!

  4. Hahaha @ Miss Cultured Pearl! Another excellent post! I too feel very honored to be a part of your culinary adventures... hopefully we have many more!!