Sunday, February 5, 2012

Fresh Fruit Smoothie made with love, honey

This post is a little about the frame of my mind. I want to celebrate the idea of love and friendship. 

These past two months my lovely younger sister has been at home. We haven't done much of anything apart from hanging out together. Cooking meals, watching The Walking Dead (very very addictive), shopping and just talking. We also did this lovely trip to Jaipur together. She leaves tonight back for the US. I can't believe her time home has come to an end. Can't be too greedy can we. Sigh!

I also have a bit of a crush on someone- a particular Fantastic Mr. Fox. My heart flutters a bit every time I talk to him. Romance is definitely in the air. 

A few weeks back my friend Mark gave me a jar of honey labelled Curry Patta Honey by this company called Under the Mango Tree (UTMT). It is very delicious with hints of the curry patta. Whats so special about Under the Mango Tree - well they help farmers around India to grow bees on their farmland to produce honey. Its organized and builds a community of farmers helping create sustainable practices in beekeeping. Through Mark I also met Emily Paarmann who works with Under the Mango Tree and we talked about her work in India and about cooking food together which is always an exciting idea.

So here it is- a lovely simple fresh fruit smoothie. The honey just adds the perfect sweetness to the drink. I have to say- it was very delicious honey. Also added was love and a little bit of heart in the form of dark chocolate chips. Oh yes.
So before this drink becomes too mushy-

A box full of strawberries (12-15)
A banana
A guava (optional)
2 tbsp on plain yogurt
2 spoons of honey
A handful of dark chocolate chips
6 cubes of ice.
1 cup of milk (optional)

Throw all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth consistency. Add some milk if it is too thick.
Refreshing. Delicious. Filling. 
In case I get busy again- Happy Valentine's Day.
Also today was National Bee Day (Cerana Day) and UTMT held a set of lovely events such as cooking with honey & discussion on bees and pollination. I could not make it- but if you did - do tell me about it.


  1. This sounds delicious! I can't wait to get a blender so I can make stuff like this again!!

  2. I wish someone would make this for me for breakfast!!!

    P.S. Your About Me section is exactly what I say about myself too!!!

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  3. ultimate….

  4. Heaven in a few simple bites

  5. can you give some to me !!