Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Happy Diwali everyone! It is a pleasure to be able to spend Diwali with the family. We are off to Kolkatta for Diwali. My very first visit ever. So excited. If you have any food recommendations do write in.

I took Pepper Purwar for a walk this evening and he was frightened by all the noise the crackers were making. It would be a dream to have just a well lit Diwali minus all the sounds from the fire crackers. The birds disappear, all the animals are clearly upset, my dog sat crying hidden in a corner. What's the point. I don't see it. Inspired by this little idea I drew this little illustration. I hope you can spread the message. 

And once again a very peaceful and well lit Diwali to all of you & a Happy New Year. 


  1. It is an amazing card, Jyo! Poor Pepper is so scared of Diwali. He hates Diwali as he loves it. (DB). Poor child loves sweets but hates crackers sound. Pepper is really looking too smart only wants to spread the message of happiness, love, prosperity, health-wealth and peace.

    Happy Diwali to all!

  2. Calcutta is a good place for good food, I last went to Calcutta in 1996. I never visited Kolkata. Hope you had a good time. Diwali is pretty noisy there.

  3. Thanks Chhaya & Aroop so much. Happy Diwali to you too. Calcutta was alot of fun and surprisingly not as noisy. Hoping to blog about it soon.

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