Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Megs makes Inspired from Doner - Lamb Kebab Burgers

I got a note from my best friend Meghna that read:
"Inspired - I'm making Indian style mince lamb patties and sticking them in a bun with tomatoes, onions, feta, olives, green chutney etc etc. then just to enjoy them for what they are, I shall eat the lamburgers on their ownsome. (Indian style= onions chillies papa masala (my dad sent some for her) mint cilantro etc etc. see its going to be overload night)."
The pictures she sent me later don't need any explanation to her process. Looks truly delectable. Megs I wish I could come over for dinner. 
Enjoy- its a visual treat and honestly very easy to follow and make. YUM!



  1. Hello there,
    I hopped over to your blog from Lulu's blog. I enjoyed browsing through your posts. I will come back often. Yummy burgers

  2. Ooo. Thank you love. I feel all special now! (haha. okay that was sarcastic sounding -naaat how i meant it.) So yeah - thanks and love.

  3. This looks unbelievably delicious. *Running to the store to pick up some ground lamb*

  4. very nice way to illustrate the whole process of cooking the burgers!!!

  5. Everything looks very tempting. Continue doing good cooking........

  6. thank you all!

    janu - the papa ka masala is brilliant in this - and all red meat. these work even better as smaller galouti kebabi thingamunnies. except - who has the patience to make millions of little things - so i make giant tikkis and stick them in a samwich (if i dont have buns). ..and then die a million times in pleasure.