Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Morning After...

...A fabulous dinner cooked by Rushina. She packed me off with some leftovers which we had this morning.

Breakfast today:

We polished off an entire casserole of steaming hot polenta with tomatoes and bell peppers covered with Provolone Piccante cheese. Crispy toasts slathered with hung yogurt with dill and garlic sauce. Creamy, cool, garlicy perfectly salted, excellent dip on the crispy toast. Alternated with some sweet and sour, tangy mountain tomato jam on toast. A dash of Sriracha sauce on the side. A bowl of fruits, apples, cantaloupe, pineapple, bananas, watermelon, papaya, grapes. And now for hot cup of masala tea.
Thank you Rushina and Nikhil.
One reason I love Sunday breakfasts with my parents.
Me: Dad try some Polenta, Rushina made it
Dad: Ok, pass me the Kalanta
Me: Dad its called Polenta
Dad: A rose- by any other name would smell as sweet.
He can quote Shakespeare at a blow of a whistle, but he can never remember a name.

Nikhil's Mountain Tomato Jam- beautifully packaged!
Sweet and tangy on crisps
Creamy, piping hot Polenta
 hung dill yogurt dip
We polished off the polenta
Fresh fruits

This breakfast post was inspired by my blogger friend Revati's post. A perfect Sunday breakfast. The Polenta, dill yogurt, and toasts courtesy Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal of A Perfect Bite and the Mountain tomato jam courtesy Nikhil Merchant of the Nonchalant Gourmand. The fruits courtesy mom.


  1. awesome way to begin a sunday :)

  2. You could not have made it look better ! Im honoured & elated :) thank you...

  3. The garlic toasts with yogurt dip (by Rushina) and tomato jam by Nikhil were the perfect Sunday breakfast... mouth watering... yummy...and what not. Thanks Jyo, Rushina and Nikhil. Love you all for such innovative ideas....Polenta with Sriracha sauce was out of the world...... Very tasty...I wish one could get extra tummies on hire.......
    And Jyo, Pa can never remember names, but he remembers Shakespeare...Well said......

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  7. I don't know whether I want tomato jam or yogurt dip for my wedding dinner. Depends on if I have red or white wedding gown. First the dowry costs, then the wedding banquet costs! I will barely have enough money for a cheap-ass bridal gown! :(