Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Craving Caramel!

Look at what I just got in my email. Yes yes - in my email.. not the mail. I subscribe to the Godiva newsletter. But I just thought this image was so beautiful! I guess Fall has arrived. Having recently moved to Mumbai, I miss the change of seasons in Chicago. I was just thinking about the fall setting in when I opened this email. It took me back to the brisk cool air, the yellowing trees, the apple cider, the wafting smell of cinnamon, a shot of caramel in your coffee, leather boots, light fall jacket, the perfect coolness and you desire the winter never comes. The fall is the final preparation of the trees to mature and shine in their utmost beauty before they die in the brutal winter. Its a great time to huddle and cuddle in front of a fire at night. A lovely time to eat vegetables such as pumpkins, sweet potatoes, acorn, butternut squash, brussel sprouts. Oh yum!

Alas here in Mumbai, its just two seasons- hot season and rainy season. The rainy season is just over so now starts hot season again. On the bright side custard apple is here!


  1. ooooo caramel! yesterday i went to starbucks and they have their hot chocolate with salty caramel! i tried it for the first time and it was divine!!! soooooooo goood !

  2. OK, just so you don´t miss it too much can I add one thing to your list? The days are shorter. It´s dark when I get up and getting out of bed is getting harder and harder. Soon I´ll be leaving the office in pitch black, never having tasted the sunshine. Also, it´ll soon be boot & sock weather, which means my toes will have to wait 6 months to breathe again.

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